Squash Hollow Farm

Chick Magnet

I can’t help it. I’m a chick magnet. Every morning I drive by tractor supply, and when I suspect there is a fresh supply of peeps, I can’t pass without a look. It’s like theres an invisible force pulling me to them! (I can assure you, if The Force is involved, it’s the dark side)

And for me looking at baby chicks is like stopping in the local ice cream shop, just to check the flavors. You know I’m leaving with a Sundae.

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2 thoughts on “Chick Magnet

  1. r&j's nini on said:

    Gives new meaning to “peep” show…only this is one EVERYONE can watch! FINALLY…a show worth watching!!!

  2. Grandma "Aht" on said:

    Oh how I know the feeling. I got the guinea bug and want to order 50 more so badly. But where to keep the little ones :{

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