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I Never Made My Bed

Don’t tell my mom. As a kid growing up, I never ever made my bed. I saw it as a nod to efficiency. Why spend 5 minutes neatly arranging throw pillows that I would be piled on top of in another 12 hours anyway? (if they were meant to be arranged neatly maybe they shouldn’t be called “throw” pillows…)

At this moment I’ve spent half of my weekend making the bed. Or beds… our raised beds. And in my typical nod to efficiency (sounds better than lazy), I’m cutting out steps. Instead of framing around our raised beds, I’m placing my soil in neat raised piles. No carpentry necessary.

The beds will still receive the benefits of a raised bed, less weeding, less soil compaction, better drainage, without all the time spent building. (if I’m building, it better be a new coop to store more chicks!!!)

So don’t tell my mom, but ill be spending most of the weekend, making my beds.


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2 thoughts on “I Never Made My Bed

  1. ajm mom on said:

    Nothing like a nicely made bed….all that training, finally paid off!!!

  2. Grandma "Aht" on said:

    nothing like neat beds. makse everything look GOOD!!!!

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