Squash Hollow Farm

Signs of the Times…


Now that our gardens are well on their way, our pigs snug in their pen, and our chickens, roaming safely through our forests, it seemed time to address the matter of marketing. What farm can survive without customers? And how do you find those customers? You advertise!

Recently a family member visiting the farm asked where our big sign was, and that seemed like a great way to begin our marketing campaign.

Looking through our basement, we found a old cabinet door that seemed a perfect fit, and we got to work!


After a few trials, and some minor repairs (making the “w” not look so much like a hiney 🙂 we had our final product.


Then to hang it… What would we use?

Recently my uncle passed away. We spent a few weeks cleaning out his garage. He was the type of person who never threw anything away. It seemed anything that could have any use was kept, even if it was outdated.

Now that we are homesteading, we see the value in this mindset! The more that can be reused, the less waste, and less money spent!

So what did we hang the sign on? A old hand truck, we found at my uncles garage, was the perfect movable sign post… And once harvesting begins, it will be our movable farm stand cart!

Thanks uncle George.


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5 thoughts on “Signs of the Times…

  1. r&j nini on said:

    How touching….I know Aunt Linda will love this post! Dad and I sure did!! :}

  2. Super cute ya’ll 🙂

  3. Aunt Linda Martin on said:

    Hi Austin and Kendra & kids.
    Uncle George is smiling down from heaven on you. Thank You. Love you, Aunt Linda

  4. Mary DeMarco on said:

    I like!!!!

  5. Mary Bucchignano and David Willis on said:

    We knew “Uncle George” very well and we know he would be thrilled to be remembered in this way! What a wonderful thing to do.

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