Squash Hollow Farm

Strawberry Fields


We have been trying to take the kids Strawberry picking, and the weather has not been so cooperative. Fortunately today there was a break in the storms and we were able to go to Ellsworth Hill Farm in Sharon.

We had a great time! Loved the farm and the kids really seemed to enjoy it! (our son couldn’t eat the berries fast enough!) It’s a family run operation and the farmers we met were such nice people.


Although we try to grow most of our own produce, we can’t do everything! And sometimes it’s just more fun to go to another farm and enjoy the fruits of their labor… Literally! Meanwhile supporting our fellow local farmers!


Oh yea, and the sweetest sunkissed strawberries you’ll ever taste, that’s another good reason to go!

They said Blueberries should be ready soon. I can already taste the pancakes.

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One thought on “Strawberry Fields

  1. cute mamma and babies 🙂

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