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Teach a Man to Fish…

I can trace my current farming, living off the land, local food loving lifestyle back to a pond in New Fairfield.

Ball pond. This is where, at a young age, my dad taught me to fish. I believe it was me, not just the fish, who was hooked from that point forward.

As my love for fishing grew, so did my love for the taste of freshly caught fish. This taught me the work involved in putting food on the table, but also the incredible satisfaction of bringing the freshest, most delicious food home to enjoy. Fishing is the gateway to experience the power of local food. Let me explain.

Fast forward from those Sunnys caught off the dock, to this week. After a very busy first year on the farm, we are enjoying a week away with family and friends in Rhode Island. This is a trip we have taken since I was 3, and is rooted in tradition.

This year, as allways, we wake up at the crack of dawn, and zip out to our favorite fishing hole. 2 days in to the trip and we already have 2 keeper Striped Bass, a feat we have never accomplished before!

Mike and Austin working hard to put food on the table!

Striped Bass is my absolute favorite fish. They are a blast to catch, and excellent table fare.

Last months issue of Field and Stream just happened to have a recipe for salt encrusted striper, and with 2 in the cooler, it was time to get adventurous.


After overcoming some minor setbacks… (no way to whip the egg whites into a meringue, fish not fitting in the roasting dish, etc) the meal was finished! Onto the table it went.


This is what happens when truly-fresh caught that day-fish is served. People step back and take pictures of the dish. Different ones remark how they “usually don’t eat fish, but fresh caught is delicious!”. And dad, who doesn’t like fish, goes back for seconds.

And that’s when it hit me. Teach a man to fish, and you will open a door to a deeper, richer experience at the dinner table. When you eat local pastured food, you get a similar experience. And when you raise your own animals to feed your family, you experience this everyday! I have taken more pictures of dinner plates in the last month….




See what I mean?

Real food means so much more. When was the last time you saw someone taking a picture of a Gorton’s fish stick?

(thank Liahay for the sweet collages in this post!)

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One thought on “Teach a Man to Fish…

  1. r&j nini on said:

    trust the Rhodie fisherman….yummmmm!!

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