Squash Hollow Farm

22 thoughts on “PYO Logo!

  1. Phyllis DiLeo

    I vote for #5!

  2. Debbie Clark and Brett Herman on said:

    Brett and I both vote for number 2. : )

  3. Nicole Sanders on said:

    I like #5.

  4. Casey K. Rees on said:

    I vote for Number 2.

  5. Jules on said:

    Hmm… this is tough. I am going with number #5. I can picture that little pig on a t-shirt or oven mitt.(=

  6. Anna-Marie Reid on said:

    Anna-Marie #5 (Simpler is always better)

  7. James and I both vote for #5

  8. Janet Carter on said:

    I like number 3 – it’s fun, like you guys …

  9. Tracey Napotnik on said:

    Number 1 is my vote it looks very professional.

  10. Grandma "Aht" on said:

    None of the entries include both plants, veggies, apples, etc AND the animals. Your farm is not just animals or just veggies. But I would chose number 1 because it lets people know they can get info on line and Facebook

  11. Stacey Garcia on said:

    I vote for #3!

  12. Tammy Wilson on said:

    Tammy Wilson…I vote for #3

  13. Lindsay on said:

    Natalie Krakow’s is the best!! #3

  14. Eleazar on said:


  15. Brandi oberempt on said:

    I vote for #3

  16. Vanessa on said:

    oops, i meant #2!!!!!

  17. spacesurferboards on said:

    #2 bro!

  18. mike on said:

    Ok, I vote for #2

  19. Christine on said:

    : ) i vote for #3

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