Squash Hollow Farm

Rihannah’s Chicks


Rihannah has successfully hatched 6 chicks! These are our first 100% Squash Hollow Farm chickens, and will be part of our egg laying brigade. Help us name them, send your ideas to our facebook page! http://www.facebook.com/squashhollowfarm

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One thought on “Rihannah’s Chicks

  1. r&j nini on said:

    chicklet….rhihaha…roju…rhitata….those are my ideas for now….rhihanna you are an amazing chicken…. from the pot to momma….you are building a legacy….there you go…another name…legacy….or chickenlegacy….or legomychickensy…chickasy…short for chicken frickasy….(that’s a chicken dish)…..here chick, chick,chick….

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