Squash Hollow Farm

Harvest Season

Howdy all!

There’s lots going on down at the farm this time of year! Our son has been out Gathering eggs as our hens have begun laying, the pigs are getting bigger every day, and the days of our free ranging meat birds grows short…


Which means:

Place your chicken orders now for the next two weeks.

Whole bird: 20$
Butcher class bird: 20$

If you have already come to a butcher class and now know what to do, you can join us again and get a discount! If you come and do your own bird you only pay 15$!

Also eggs will be available soon!
Our hens wander the property, enjoying grass, weeds and bugs, and turn them
into the best eggs available, bright orange yolks, beautifully centered, and so delicious! These hens enjoy a life with NO fence, truly free ranged.

1 dozen Eggs 4.50$

Last but not least our pigs are growing and growing! They will be available soon. Because this is our first year doing pigs we do not know exactly when or what they will cost yet, but if purchased whole we are estimating 4.50/lb of pork. If you are interested please let us know and we will inform you of the details later!


Remember, all our animals enjoy natural lives. We give them no antibiotics, hormones, or fillers, just good care, clean surrounding and happy lives!

Thank you and enjoy the beautiful fall

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2 thoughts on “Harvest Season

  1. r&j nini on said:

    we would like some ham and eggs too!!!!

  2. Grandma "Aht" on said:

    Love love love the pic of Roe with his chicken. Want be butchering that one any time soon 🙂

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