Squash Hollow Farm

The Whole Hog


Imagine having a freezer full of smoked bacon, rich marbled steaks, thick juicy pork chops, and savory sausage…. All from pigs raised on a healthy pasture, on a small farm, where they received personal attention, care, and are free of hormones, antibiotics and preservatives?

Is your mouth watering yet?


Now imagine paying only $4.50 per pound for all these cuts?

Tenderloin for $4.50? That’s impossible!

That’s why you need to buy the whole hog!

Why buy whole?

Remember the 3 C’s… convinence, cost, and change!

Convinence: What’s more convienent than going shopping every week, checking sale prices, running up and down aisles looking for the best deal? How about getting the best deal on everything, but only needing to shop once? That’s right. When you purchase a whole hog you get all your family’s meat in one day! Now when you want to cook dinner, no running out at the last minute to find some meat, it’s all in your freezer. What’s more convienent than that?

Cost: We often hear people say “I wish I could eat healthy, but its too expensive”. The answer to that problem is to buy in bulk! Small farming is a tough buisness, and just getting your name out there is half the battle. So if a farmer can sell a whole pig at once to one single customer, he is thrilled! No cost spent on advertising, no sitting on inventory, no mark ups by middle men. The customer is rewarded by getting the best price possible!


Change: Ever feel like your stuck in a rut? Cooking the same old things every week? When you purchase a whole hog, you get to expirement with cuts you may have never tried before. We just recently cooked a pork shoulder steak for the first time. It was so flavorful and juicy! Its become my favorite cut, and I never would have tried it!


Give it a shot! Fill your freezer with all your favorites cuts, and some that may become your new favorites, all for about $4.50 per lb! Go the Whole Hog!

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