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Spring Ahead! Babies, Chicks, Kids, and Puppies! (the cutest post ever)

Snow MtIts been a long and cold winter.

For some reason, those always seem to lead to a spring filled with babies!

First our farm family has grown, in December, our 3rd child, a beautiful baby girl arrived. We will be placing her on dairy duty, as she seems to be a very proficient milker. (Little breastfeeding joke for ya…)

Our Newest FarmerOur little YoYo, whom you may remember from our Escape Goat story, is not a little “kid” anymore. (little goat pun for ya)

This november she spent a week growing up with the Boys at Friggjasetr. Yoyo has been bred by Gjallarson, a Goat who is described best by his owner as a “gorgeous boy”! and we could not agree more! We are excitedly expecting kids later this month!

taking a walk with our preggers YOYO

Chicks have arrived on farm and are already settled into the outdoor coop, growing and growing each day. In just 2 short months this cute little fluffs will become big fat delicious chickens! GET IN MY BELLY! (little austin powers reference for ya)

Your never too young to pick up chicks!

Your never too young to pick up chicks!

Lastly, we are excitedly awaiting news on the birth of our puppy! Last fall we decided to find a sporting dog to bring to the farm. After much research, we chose Three Cedars Retrievers , a breeder located near Ligoneer, PA. Jack, owner, showed us his amazing dogs Mas and Babe, and after watching a few 500 yard blind retrieves, we were convinced. Our yellow lab puppy is due any day now! Pics to come… (little cliffhanger for ya)

UPDATE: Puppies are being being born today! March 18th


We have lots planned for this spring! Our first on farm class is Scheduled for May 3rd, and there  will be more to come. We are also taking pig orders now, Call to place your pork order! (203) 446-6132

Thats all the updates from the cold winter (and corresponding joke categorizations)

we hope you are as excited for spring as we are!

Kids at Play

Kids at Play

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2 thoughts on “Spring Ahead! Babies, Chicks, Kids, and Puppies! (the cutest post ever)

  1. mema939@juno.com on said:

    I has such an allergic reaction after I finished your post. (corn allergy)cute corn. Keep em coming. Wren looks so tiny between Roe and June. Love her surprised look andthe drool effect. Made me laugh. What gorgeous faces on all three.Had so much fun watching them Fri.and wanted to cuddle w Wren butthe young non parents wanted her too. Next time. We will be ordering another half pig but cant do it till we get paid forthe snow. Will call you when. Love you all Emotions

    • I must have learned my corn ways from Grandad the master 🙂 K said my style was cute cheesey. I said “like baby bell cheese!” Sound good Mema we will put you down for a half!

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