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Farm Chicken Butcher Class now with Power Plucker!

20140330-073723.jpgPlucking chickens is about as much fun as plucking your unibrow. And almost as painful. (Just ask the 13 year old version of myself… #hairykid)

If you have ever processed your own chickens, then you know how time consuming the plucking can be. Even with the proper scalding temperatures, the plucking still takes a good amount of time, and that can seriously add up when your doing a half years worth of birds at once.

We try to put up enough chicken to last us a whole year. Without spending $1000 on a commercial plucker, chicken butcher days would take us the better portion of our Saturday.

Not any more! During my late night searching on the internet, I stumbled upon the Power Plucker

Power Plucker
If you are a thrifty homsteader who doesn’t want to drop a cow payment on a chicken plucker that you use once a year, then you need to get a Power Plucker!

This plucking device costs $34.99. The genius idea behind power plucker is this: Why pay for a motor to run your plucker, when every homestead out there has a drill!

The power plucker is a drill attachment. It removes feathers the same way any other plucker does, with the rubber fingers. BUT it costs a fraction of the price!

There is a small difference in how the Power Plucker works when comparing it to most other commercial pluckers. Some like to clamp the plucker to a table and run the chicken against it. This is the technique shown by their website here See It Work

Want to learn to use one?

We are excited to offer you a chance to join us on May 3 for our Raising Meat Chickens Class. There you will learn to process your own chickens using Power Plucker’s home processing kit.

power plucker kitThe best part… you will take home your own Processing Kit and Chicken for dinner! Thats $80 worth of SWAG included in the price of the class!

Join us for our Sat May 3 Class. There is only space for 10, so preregistration is advised. Book Today!
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  1. Lauren on said:

    Very cool!!

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