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#yoyobaby arrives

“Babies today!” Kendra shouted over the baby monitor.

That was how we kept an eye on Yoyo on her last day of pregnancy. With our baby monitor. Vtech, if you’re looking for a good video baby monitor, has an incredible range 🙂

So we watched and listened. Saturday we had finished running the waterlines to the goat barn. Sunday we cleaned out the stalls, did some reorganizing, and before we knew it, Yoyo was giving birth.

We had never originally planned to breed Yoyo. She came here as a companion to our escape goat Hops. We called her the anchor goat. If Hops jumped the fence, (how do you think she got her name) she wouldn’t go far without Yoyo.

But with a few changes in events on the farm, Yoyo became our main girl. And now she was having kids.

I walked into the barn to set up a light when I saw a foot in a bubble.

“ITS HAPPENING” I shouted over the baby monitor.

Kendra and the kids ran outside. I grabbed the camera.

5 minutes later it was all done! 2 beautiful little doelings. One all black, with brown tinted legs, and one red haired, with a white top. Both healthy.

Many of you have watched with us this weekend, and had an exciting time trying to guess the amount of kids Yoyo would have and on what day. We promised the winner could name one kid.

We had 2 winners….

Robin Napotnik, (Kendra’s Mom and farmer herself… she must just have a feeling for these sort of things…) Who listed a few great name choices including Checkers, Boomer (like boomerang), Domino and Tonka (which would have to be a bucks name 🙂 )

and Sonya Mills, who picked the names Slinky and Domino.

Because we had a tie for the name guessing contest, we decided to settle on one name both our winners chose….


Domino Don’t let her name fool you, she’s no pushover. Despite being the runt of the litter, she was first to stand and first to nurse. When I checked on them this morning she had managed to get her little sweater off. She’s a tough little doe.


Pogo (another contest name we loved!) has spring in her step. First out, she’s the most outgoing of the two. She will come over to anyone near her, springing away from mama to meet new people. And she’s a stout little thing, I expect her to be jumping up on mamas back in no time.

Thanks to all who had a part in this exciting day!

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One thought on “#yoyobaby arrives

  1. How beautiful!!! I loved the video! Great capture! What a happy little farm family 🙂

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