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How to build a milk stand

hopsie's house

hopsie’s house

Last year we began our dairy operation. It started with Hops, our escape goat.

Hops was a goat with few good qualities. (One, actually. She was so very quiet.)

For 2 weeks, Kendra tried to milk her. We had not repaired the barn the goats now live in, so Hops was milked outside, on the dirt. With no milking stand. And she was a kicker!

After 2 weeks of struggling with a stubborn goat, tied to a fence, kicking over the milk can in the mud, Kendra found out she was pregnant. And that was that. No more milking for the year.

Fast forward to this season. Now we have our beloved Yoyo. As her kidding approached, Kendra told me that she was beginning to get excited about milking again. Thats all I needed to hear. Work on the milk stand began!

I had tasted the good life that was fresh raw milk each morning and was not going to let this attempt be soiled… by milking on soil.

The website www.fiascofarm.com is a well known source for goat information on the web. Their Milk Stand Plans are awesome! If you are looking for an easy plan to follow, I highly recommend it.

First, there is a materials list. I did a quick survey of what we already had in stock and made a list of what was left. Because of the timber harvest we did last year, we had plenty of wood lying around to build the stand with. Money saved!

Grampi taking down the BIG ONE!

Grampi taking down the BIG ONE!

My son and I began working together on the stand. A few late nights was all it took. The instructions Fiasco provides are excellent. Things were going so well, I even decided to treat myself to a new Dewalt Drill!

After construction was complete, we added a few personal touches to it. After doing some research I decided to paint it, (helps with sanitation) of course we choose Squash Yellow. And we added a nice custom cut rubber mat to the deck for Yoyo to stand on.

One and a half weeks to go till fresh raw milk arrives in the fridge. Can you tell I’m excited?



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2 thoughts on “How to build a milk stand

  1. Robin Napotnik a.k.a Grandma Aht on said:

    Have to say, best goat milk ever. Hard to tell the difference. But sooooooo good.

  2. aunt susan on said:

    A dairy goat kicking is not unusual. Some folks will hold the container with one hand and milk with the other always watching for the movement of the hip. Another option is to tie a leg. Some does will milk better from one side or the other and some from behind. It is nice when a doe will just stand, enjoy her eats, and let you milk. But, that isn’t always the case!

    Nice milk stand! I could use one…..

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