Squash Hollow Farm

Learn How to Butcher a Chicken

Get Organic Chicken from Your Own Backyard!

Raising enough chickens to feed your family is not hard. Each year we raise 2 or 3 batches of Cornish cross chickens on our farm. We raise and process enough to feed ourselves all year long, and you can too! Join us for our next Raising and Processing meat chickens course, Sat May 3.

Just see what some of our students from last years class said after they learned how to do this.

Marianne writes:

“Thanks for a wonderful course Austin and Kendra. It was GREAT! Austin, you really are a good teacher, and good at making people feel at ease. I would have never thought I’d actually be able to…but once you actually had it explained, and did it, it was fine. Thanks again.”


Kathy, a student who had been looking forward to this class, said:
“Thank you for an incredible learning experience today.”
“Appreciate your style and respectful process of teaching”
She went on to describe it as:
“A great time…sad it was over. I would love to come back and get more experience”

Kathy’s experience didn’t end there. She and her husband updated us as they began their own flock.

“We did it! Got our first batch of meat birds. I’ll process the end of the month. We didn’t want to wait til spring for the first batch. Can’t wait to begin eating great tasting chicken!”

A few months later, Kathy wrote us:
We continue to enjoy our delicious poultry in the freezer, look forward to a batch in spring/summer (cold autumn harvest was brutal) and are considering growing our own turkey(s) rather than purchasing organic from a farmer in MA.


In addition to learning the skills needed to process your own chicken, this years students will receive their own home processing kit from power plucker! 20140412-191350.jpg

You can do this. For 3 years now, people from all over have joined us on our farm to learn how to raise and process their own chicken. And all have left with the knowledge and confidence to do it. Become more self sufficient.

Space is limited, book you spot now for our May 3 class.
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