Squash Hollow Farm

Yoyo, Pogo and Domino… and More!

a painting of 3 nigerian dwarf goats against a blue backround hung above a piano

Our Yoyo baby captured by canvas!

Its been a few weeks since the little ones arrived. Pogo and Domino have settled into the herd nicely now.
Pogo certainly lives up to her name. She is the larger of the two, and hops around every where!

Domino is the caboose, always in the rear of the pack, and usually looking up to find herself left behind!

In addition to the little ones born recently, we have purchased a few new members to add to the flock.

three goats, a lamacha kid, and two nigerian dwarf mix kids, playing on a rock structure in a goat pen

The grey and white goat is Sausalito. She is the friendliest goat we have ever seen! Lito (thats what we call her) is being bottle fed, and because of this she acts like a little puppy! Every time we go outside the little Lito comes bounding up to us. She is a purebred Lamacha Doe, and in a years time she will be a great milker, as she comes from a strong line of milker!

Lito is not much older than Pogo and Domino, but she is a full size goat, and so she is much bigger. Watching the three play on the little goat mountains we made them is such a fun sight to see every morning!

Our herd is growing!

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