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Infographic on how to build a raised bed in 3 hours

How to build a Raised Bed in 3 Hours


Saturday afternoon I was feeling Guilty.

I had milked the goats, mowed the lawn, and sold a pig… But another project was looming over my head.

Last week, we launched a Farm Podcast!

It’s called Homesteady. You can download it on iTunes!

The first episode is on Container gardening.

Is a raised bed the best container garden? How can you make $240 worth of produce in one raised bed? Will accountant Mike start a garden?

Check it out if you like podcasts! More on Homesteady later.

homesteady podcast logoAnyways,
We launched the podcast, and I promised to build my own raised bed. So you can see, Homework was making me feel guilty.

It seemed a little overwhelming, like all new projects do before you start. But 3 hours later, our first raised bed was compleat! (2 more to go…)

So here is how we built a raised bed in 3 hours.

Tools Needed

  • Skill Saw
  • Drill
  • Tape Measure
  • Framing Square
  • (puppy optional)

Materials Needed

(Note: we used rough cut lumber from our own trees. All measurements are for rough cut lumber.)

Use rot resistant wood (cedar, redwood) avoid pressure treated lumber.

  • Four 4×4 posts, 23 inch long
  • Three 1x8x10, cut into six 5 foot sections
  • Two 1x8x8 cut into six 26 inch sections
  • Box of 3 inch deck screws
  1. Layout your proposed garden location. We used chalk to layout our spot. This will help you visualize what your garden will look like. originally we were going to make beds that were 3×4. I did not like the look of that design, and so we decided to make them 2×5.
  2. IMG_5489Cut all lumber to length.  IMG_5485A tip from that I learned from building a barn with my Dad, who built homes for decades, Make sure to use a Square to mark the wood. That way your guide lines are strait, and square to the board.IMG_5487IMG_5486
  3. Screw 5′ side bords to posts. Start with the bottom board. this should be flush to the edge of the post on the side and bottom. Next add the middle board, and finally the top board. Use one colom of 3 deck screws in the boards to screw to the post. Make both 5′ sides of raised bed.20140525-072156-26516031.jpgNote, the Top board will be about 1 inch higher than the post. This is to allow an inch of dirt to be able to cover the post from view when looking at the beds from above. 20140525-072156-26516913.jpg
  4. Screw 26″ end boards on the bottom to connect the raised bed sides. Start by screwing the bottom end piece on one side, then repeat on the other side. 20140525-072200-26520714.jpg
  5. Flip the Bed over, check it for square and level, then screw the top end piece on both sides. Having a friend hold your top pieces in place may help!20140525-072159-26519649.jpg20140525-072158-26518752.jpg
  6. Screw the middle end piece on. Flip the bed back over.20140525-072201-26521704.jpg
  7. Prepare base. We placed our raised bed on the patio. The patio was uneven, so we used small rocks and gravel to create a level base for our raised bed. No matter where you place your raised bed, make sure water can drain well. That means putting a layer of gravel on the bottom when placing your bed on soil that does not drain well.20140525-213723-77843949.jpg
  8. Place raised bed on gravel base, and level. 




And now your ready for planting!20140525-213725-77845662.jpgTune in next week for How To Kick Start Your Raised Bed into AWESOMENESS!

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