Squash Hollow Farm

A new Egg Experiment

Eggs SetupMeet our newest members of our Little Farmers Program, Frank (4½ years old) & Riley (3 years old).
 The Pick Up 5/21/14:
Upon arrival to Squash Hollow Farm, the kids couldn’t wait to see all the animals. Riley especially enjoyed meeting the goats. Her favorite was a very friendly goat with teeny tiny ears. Ironically, she was afraid of the chickens (didn’t have the heart to explain that’s why we were there). Frankie is a typical boy so after greeting the goats and pigs, he thoroughly enjoying climbing on the swing set and digging in the dirt.
After selecting our 2 dozen eggs (we are only hatching 7, but the remaining 17 were delicious), we began our hour long journey home. The car was abuzz with excitement until complete and utter exhaustion after the day’s activities set in. The kids couldn’t wait to start hatching their eggs, so after setting up the incubator, they each chose the eggs they would like to hatch: two white, two brown and three light brown. They carefully selected their eggs and placed them on their respective spots in what would be their new home for the next three weeks. Let the egg farming begin!
 Eggs Turning
Week One Completed 5/28/14:
Mommy, “So how do you feel about hatching eggs? Frankie, “I feel SUPER happy!” Riley, “I’m so excited to check the eggs!” The incubator rotates the eggs approximately every 45 minutes, so if we are home and conscious, the kids go running into the kitchen and exclaim in unison, “They’re turning! They’re turning!” Each evening, they take turns slowly pouring water into the incubator well. Then it’s, “Hurry up Mommy and cover it. We don’t want the eggs getting cold.” This week at the library, we brought home a book entitled, “Gemma and the Baby Chick.” They listen intently with wide eyes as the story is being read, imagining what it will be like when their eggs hatch.  Two more weeks to go…
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Eggs Watering
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One thought on “A new Egg Experiment

  1. Robin Napotnik a.k.a Grandma Aht a.a.a GaGa on said:

    I think it is wonderful that this program involves the entire family and young ones. The circle of life is beautiful. I always enjoy hatching chicks and am glad others get to enjoy the fun I always had watching the hatch. Way to engage Squash Hollow Farm:)

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