Squash Hollow Farm

The Kids and Candling…

021Week Two Completed 6/4/14:
The anticipation is mounting. Daily, the kids run into the kitchen while the eggs are turning. But on day 13, we did something besides just adding water to the incubator…we candled the eggs.
The kids patiently watched in the dark kitchen, as the eggs were individually removed with great care and held up to our precision candling instrument (a piece of cardboard with a 1” diameter hole cut out of it and a flashlight). The results were fascinating. The white eggs are definitely easier to see through than the brown eggs. It appears as though we will be hatching 6 out of the 7 eggs. We marked the one egg that appears to be very porous. When held up to our instrument, it looks “spotted” and the center looks relatively clear with no signs of veining. Disappointing, yes, but this led to a nice lesson on possibilities and imperfection. But the other eggs appear to have good veining and you can even see the air sack and the growing embryo inside moving. When the moving baby chick was pointed out, they exclaimed, “Wow, I can see it!” Truly exciting!
Frankie was asked what names he has been considering. When given a name suggestion his response was, “No, that’s a people name. It has to be a chicken name.” So, what’s a chicken name you ask? Well, according to Frankie, “Flappy” or “Chick.” Since pink is Riley’s favorite color, perhaps she will come up with Pinky. With one more week to go, time will tell…
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One thought on “The Kids and Candling…

  1. Robin Napotnik a.k.a Grandma Aht a.a.a GaGa on said:

    I am so glad so many young farmers r seeing the wonderful creations of our Father Jehovah. Chickens r so cool to just sit and watch. They r comical and entertaining.

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