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the Hatch

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The Hatch 6/11/14:

On Monday the incubator stopped turning the eggs and we began adding extra water to the incubator.  Tuesday evening the eggs began moving and chirping and you can hear tapping from inside!  We noticed several small cracks in the shells and knew Wednesday would be hatch day.  By Wednesday morning all the eggs had cracks and by 9:30am our first chick hatched, a large brown one named Chickie.  During the hatching process, Frankie says, “I’m sad because they are not going to be eggs anymore.”  Then he said, “I’m happy cause I’m gonna have little chicks!”  As Chickie hatched, Riley says, “I’m so excited, he’s coming out!”  First was Chickie (brown), then came Flappy (brown), next was Sofia (black), soon to be followed by the three remaining yellow ones:  Pinky, Flick and Friley (a combination of Frank & Riley’s name).  As each chick hatched, space in the incubator became more cramped and it was interesting to watch the chicks help the remaining eggs hatch by walking on them.  Within three hours of Chickie’s arrival, the remaining five hatched, so by 12:30pm, we had six chicks in total.

We transported them from the incubator to a nicely cushioned box under a lamp where they transformed from straggly, wet creatures into adorable, fluffy chicks.  The kids definitely had a favorite…Sofia, who stood out as the largest and only black chick.   Sofia had a special place in our hearts because we were concerned for her since after she hatched we noticed a little blood on her backside.  But with a little tender-loving-care, the bleeding stopped and she was fine.

The kids spent all day Wednesday and Thursday with their newly hatched chicks holding and petting them, before returning them to Squash Hollow Farm Thursday evening.  Although they are missed, we are confident our chicks are successfully adjusting to their life back on the farm.

This was a wonderful experience and one we will never forget!

Thank you to Austin and Kendra for giving our family this amazing opportunity.

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