Squash Hollow Farm

About Us

Imagine this scenario. Farm girl moves to city. Farm girl meets surfer boy. Farm girl shows surfer boy country, chickens, and how to shoot. They marry. Surfer boy becomes country boy.

Then came the babies.

After the birth of our son, we quickly realized our third floor apartment was not going to be right for the family we wanted to have. We wanted to find a place where we could put down roots. After a year-long search, we found Squash Hollow.

Surrounded by fields and woods, so began the idea of starting a small farm. With our farm we could provide our family with the freshest food available. Now we grow enough to share our harvest with your family as well!

family of farmersOur Farms Mission
We believe the earth we live on and the animals around us are beautiful gifts to be taken care of!  We strive to give our animals the happiest life possible, and enrich the land around us.

We practice sustainable farming, avoiding GMOs and inhumane methods. We love helping others to live a more sustainable life, and encourage this with our On Farm Classes.

Ultimately we want to help provide the best food for our children, and yours!


12 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Grandma "Aht" on said:

    Really like the set up. Nice to see the true beginnings. Think the web site is really good. But I know little about them. I do know what I would follow and I am eager to see the progress

  2. Aunt susan on said:

    We have fence posts for you. aunt janet and susan

  3. Love everything you are doing, Maybe we just might convert!?

  4. Koen & Jane South America on said:

    Is there any express postal service for this food to be send to South America ?!
    He, why not set up a ebay shop of Squash Hollow Farm? Maybe we should make paypal in paychick or paygreen! Well Jane and I have just received our tickets to come to the states for October 2012, so we hope you have some space among the piggies for us?!
    Love you guys, great work!

  5. Koen & Jane South America on said:

    Is there any postal service for some of this fresh food to South AMerica?
    We just had our tickets to come to the US for the month of October 2012, and hope you still have a place for us to visit you family!? Maybe among the pigs, will do fine…
    Love you guys

  6. I am loving the website. Its getting better and better. Beautiful shots.

  7. Vanessa on said:

    That’s awesome and sooo much healthier. Good job guys 😉

  8. Jennifer Grant on said:

    I can’t wait to meet you guys! It’s exciting to have a farm on Squash Hollow!

  9. Jo-Ann Meza on said:

    This is an awesome story. I can’t wait to come and see the farm!

  10. You guys are great! I live right down the road. I ran a Chicken & Herb CSA this summer with my pick-up at White Silo Winery in Sherman. We should get together and talk chickens some time soon.

  11. Robin Napotnik a.k.a Grandma Aht a.a.a GaGa on said:

    Well, I must say, you got me back into raising meat birds and turkeys. Have a doz meat birds and 11 turkeys. Gonna try guineas again–30. Staying with the small animals, because someone married my barn helper. But I have some awesome grandkids☺️🐥🐣

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