Squash Hollow Farm

Chicken Coop


NOW Taking orders for chicken! May 3 Pick UP at 3:00-4:00

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!!!!only order if you can pick up on this day and time!!!!

Our Chicken is raised outside. Chickens love to scratch at the dirt, nibble on grass, and lay out in the sun. We love to see happy chickens.

We practice true “free range”. Our chickens roam our 10 acre parcel, dinning on grass, and catching as many critters as they can! All of our products are truly natural and antibiotic/ hormone free.

Products currently available:

Fresh eggs………. $6 dozen
Chicken…………….$25 per bird (average weight 4.5 lbs)


You can Save $5 per chicken!
To have the local butcher process your chicken you will pay an additional $5 per bird. However, your welcome to join us for our Raising Meat Chickens Course. There you will learn the skill of how to raise and process your own chicken, from pasture to plate!


2 thoughts on “Chicken Coop

  1. Robin Napotnik a.k.a Grandma Aht on said:

    Don’t forget . Bring 10 to PA if u can. At lest five. Mine won’t be ready till mid July. Love grass fed chickens. Best broth for a hearty soup . See ya soon.

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