Squash Hollow Farm

Meat Chickens

Note: Booking a spot holds your place, and your chicken. Pre booked spots are non refundable, because the chicken is now legally yours, and I can not re-sell it! 


Learn to raise and process your own chicken!

Students of our Raising Meat Chickens Course get on farm hands on training. First, the group will be shown how our meat chickens are raised, here on Squash Hollow Farm. Learn about chicken tractoring, pasturing, and free ranging methods. Students will get to handle, and learn about different chicken breeds, and their pros and cons.

Learn how to safely pasture your flock!

Learn how to safely pasture your flock!

Next, the class will watch a demonstration of how our chickens are processed on farm. Finally each student will process their own bird.

At the end of the day, each individual will go home with the knowledge needed to raise and process their own meat chickens. And don’t forget… All students will take their own chicken home with them for dinner!

Length of class: 4 hours

Cost: $75 per individual. Ask about our bring a friend rate!

Next Class: Sat April 23, 2016 at 10:00 amScreen Shot 2015-04-24 at 9.12.09 AM

Space is limited, reserve your spot now! 


Deposits are non refundable

See what our past students said:

Fantastic Learning Experience                                                              “The meat chicken class at Squash Hollow Farm was a fantastic learning experience. Austin is a great teacher, and really helped to make the class informational as well as comfortable. He has a well-organized set-up that I feel will really work for me at home. And learning in a group setting brought even more insights and a touch of humor to the day. I would highly recommend this class to anyone interested in processing their own meat birds!”20140504-233224.jpg

-Seana Elias

It was GREAT!”                                                                                                      “Thanks for a wonderful course Austin and Kendra. It was GREAT! Austin, you really are a good teacher, and good at making people feel at ease. I would have never thought I’d actually be able to…but once you actually had it explained, and did it, it was fine. Thanks again.”20140412-180139.jpg

-Marianne Bo                                                                                                            Friggjasetr  Farm

Incredible Learning Experience                                                                              “Thank you for an incredible learning experience today. Appreciate your style and respectful process of teaching.”                                                    “A great time…sad it was over. I would love to come back and get more experience. We continue to enjoy our delicious poultry in the freezer.”



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