Squash Hollow Farm


Friends of the Farm

Our farm, and our family does business with lots of other local family run businesses. We thought we would share them with you:

Nature Valley Farms
We get all our animal’s hay from Dan and Felice Weed’s farm. There good people with a good product!
1(860) 355-3276

Raw Milk
Stone Wall Dairy Farm
We love Raw Milk. Chris Hopkins and his team sell milk from a beautiful herd of Jersey Cows, produced without the use of antibiotics or synthetic hormones. Their milk is raw and unhomogenized, allowing vital enzymes, vitamins, proteins and beneficial bacteria to remain completely intact. And it’s Awesome. Besides the farm store, milk can also be purchased from other locations around the state.

Goat Stud Service
Our dairy girls are brought to Marianne at Friggjasetr every November, where the spend the week with the boys there. Marianne is a great farmer to work with, and is a great source of information on Natural treatments for animals.

Davis Sawmill
This winter we cleared our pasture on the west side of the property. All the bigs hemlocks we taken to Bob Davis, at Davis Sawmill. He can custom cut what ever lumber you need, and his rates are very reasonable!
1 (860) 354-6008

Excavation, Land Clearing, and Soil
A-JM Septic and Excavating

All our winter clearing was done with the help of the Excavator! My Fathers company specializes in septic system repairs, but can help with all your land clearing, shaping and restructuring needs as well. Even Volkswagen size stumps are no match for the big machine. If you want to change your property, A-JM can help! If you need screened top soil for your gardens, They Deliver!

Landscaping                                                                                                                                                          Meticulous Landscaping

James Mackie of Meticulous has helped us with our pasture planning and managment. He has years of experience in the landscaping business, and has lots of experience with fruit bearing plants. He cares for a 20 acre vineyard in New Preston, and has given us much help and advice in pasture planning.  If you live in North West CT, and need a good landscaper, give him a call.                                                                                  1(860) 866-8241

Bren Landscaping

Bren Landscaping is a company I have worked for in the past, and can speak to the quality of work they do! They turn a yard into a beautiful retreat. If you are interested in your landscaping being done Organically, ask them about their Organic lawn service! Located in Southwest CT.

Nutrition and Health Education

Fairfield Green Food Guide                                                                                                  We have been subscribers to this internet guide on Facebook, and really love it! If you want to stay up to date on local food news, GMO warnings and information, healthy eating tips, or would like to know about what local farms in CT are up to, Subscribe!

Core Nutrition                                                                                                                              Core specializes in women’s nutrition. If you want to loose a few pounds, feel better, eat healthier, and better understand how your body works, through all stages of life, give Core a call!



2 thoughts on “Friends

  1. Vanessa on said:

    Im so proud of you guys! great website, great ideas. i’ll be coming by to shop!

  2. Grandma "Aht" on said:

    Living natural with r creator in mind is best. I am loving raising my meat chickens. Thank u. Love u guys

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