Squash Hollow Farm

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farmhouse in the woods with goats in yard

Contact us!

Austin and Kendra Martin


160 squash hollow rd
New milford, CT


11 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. aunt debbie on said:

    what a great way to work and play together. nothing like eating your own produce and then letting others…namely us, eat some too! we are looking forward to being able to get fresh pork, chicken and veggies (without additives, etc…)!!! keep us posted when it’s ready for the public.
    great work!
    auntie debbie

  2. your mema Diana Canfield on said:

    I don’t like sad stories. Find Captain Jack!. So well written.

    Keept it up.

  3. Hi, I was wondering if “Open Farm Day” was rescheduled for June 1 or did it happen last week.
    Love your story and your website.

  4. Elizabeth Ricci on said:

    Learned about your farm right after your open farm day. Can you give me more info on tours of your farm. I belong to DKG, a teaching sorority, and we plan events in September for the following year. Also, I’m taking the core nutrition course with Denise. So it would be nice if she is giving a demonstration that day.

  5. flavia martin on said:

    grammie martin great job austin & kendra your farm is a wonderful way for all of us to have good healthy food. keep up the good work. love grammie

  6. Diana Canfield aka mema on said:

    I’m thinking yoyo will give birth on Monday 31st to 2 kids and you should name one tops n the other slinky. How soon after that can I get some fresh goat milk? BTW We love love loved the pork we got last year. The best we ever tasted!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Almost finished with it and WILL be getting another half.

  7. LOVE LOVE LOVE your podcast! I hope you keep it up!
    -Country girl currently stuck in the city

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