Squash Hollow Farm

Pig Pen


Green grass, forest shade, and rich soil. These are the ingredients that make Squash Hollow Farm’s pork moist, flavor filled, and so delicious!

Each spring our woods are filled with pigs! Our pigs lay in the shade of the apple trees, dig through the soil for grubs, and munch on the weeds, garden trimmings, and fresh clover planted in the pasture. In addition to there pastured diet, we purchase a customized feed from our friends at the Gift Horse of Kent, a family owned feed shop in Kent, CT. Farmer Bob from the Gift Horse delivers us a pig feed that includes locally grown grains.  

Our pigs thrive on this combination of pasture and local produce. They grow healthily and happily. Once its processing time, all pigs are delivered to a local meat processor, Jason Tarzia of Tarzia Meat Packing, who will custom cut your pork order to your liking.

We sell pigs whole, half and bulk bag orders. The most cost effective way to purchase pork is buying the pig whole. The pork averages $8.00 per pound depending on how you have your pig butchered. Half a pig is about $9.50 per pound.

Prices for 2016 (estimate, all sales are CSA Shares, prices may fluctuate)

Whole Order $8.00 per Pound (estimate)

180 lbs. meat Whole Pig Share  – $900 Plus butcher fees ($500 +or-)

Half Order $9.00 per Pound (estimate)

90 lbs. meat Half Pig Share – $550 Plus butcher fees ($250 + or -)

Pasture Pack $15 per Pound (estimate)

Pasture Pack – Sampler pack, every cut on the pig (an 8th order of pork) $300 all fees included



Pastured Pork Pic



5 thoughts on “Pig Pen

  1. gumpa on said:

    nuthin cuter than baby piggys!

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